A really hot evening in Łódź! :) – 25.06.2013

Michał’s first open concert, after his long break, has attracted fans from all over Poland to Łódź. In spite of the stage being not a very impressive one, Michał gave a very good performance, although this time he performed solo, without the band. He went crazy when it came both to his image and his vocal – which is particularly pleasing. The repertoire included both covers (together with  absolutely brilliant ” Nieśmiertelni”) as well as songs from his EP. The fantastic, strong and “bouncy” version of “Venus” was the cherry on top of the cake. Michał emphasized, several times, how much he liked it in Łódź and how good he was feeling in this city. Łódź did not disappoint, and there was a large crowd in the square listening to the voice that should definitely sound from larger stages.

Anyway, you better see it yourself in the pictures and listen to the videos – all materials are always there for you in the Exclusive section  w dziale Exclusive  🙂 Next time, you have to  go to the concert personally ^^

After the concert and almost 2 hours of giving autographs (!), Michał met his fans in “Bukowina” bar in Bratislava Steet. From the very beginning he was surrounded by the fans. Despite him being tired, Michał remained enthusiastic – he tried to talk to everyone or take a photo. The meeting was held in a relaxed, calm atmosphere, and lasted about two hours. There was also time for a group photo (for the photos please check our facebook profile TUTAJ and TUTAJ ). The whole evening can certainly really successful 😀 Thank you all for coming

PS. The mosquitoes must have been happy, too –


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