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He will not forget it for the rest of his life.

”Bras and pants will go up” – this is how Michał Szpak announced his performance in Moscow. The finalist of “The X – Factor” program, who is constantly working on its debut album, keeps collecting further concert experiences. This time he performed in Russia as part of the 3rd World Championship of Stars, III Mistrzostwa Świata Gwiazd.  . The Polish vocalist remembers his concert really well. The video material and photos from this event appeared in the network. Are you curious about what was happening over there?

– I will remember this time till the end of my life – this is Michał’s entry on his official profile on Facebook. – I have decided to sing something important to them, something that is part of their culture and something that I loved Violetta Villas for.

Can you guess what songs he means?

– Although my initial plan was to amuse the audience, later on I thought that I would go the other way, after consulting my friend coming from that background – Michał explains to his fans. Following the directions of the friend, the vocalist sang ” Oczy czarne “. – I heard this song in the original version, a male version and I decided to perform this wonderful Russian romance of the nineteenth century in a slightly more extensive language version and to give it a bit of a dramatic climate. The video from Michał’s rehearsal appeared in the network. The vocalist wears a suit full of sequins with a deep cut and performs “Feeling Good” and then ” Oczy czarne “. What do you think about his vocal performance and the stage movements?

Let us remind you that the debut album, that we are all waiting for,was supposed to be ready in Spring. It did not happen, however there is some hope. – The work is on, now you just have to wait to hear the results – Michał wrote on Facebook. Are you curious about the results


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