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Will the fans finally see it?

Spring is the time that fans of Michał Szpak have certainly been waiting for. Not because the days are longer and warmer, but because the first full-length album of the young artist was supposed to appear. Exactly – it was supposed to … However, the long-promised premiere album has not ready.

– It’s almost done – a vocalist wrote on Facebook at the end of March. As it turns out that there is still a lot of work on the album. Another post has just appeared, which is proof that we can not expect an album  in the nearest future.

Every now and then the vocalist posts some information about the album, which has been created since a very long time. – Sometimes we want something very much. It happens that we want it so much that it blocks the outcome. Sometimes, it’s better just to let it go, to start the work with a new, unforced and  clean energy – the musician has recently written. Beautiful words, as someone noticed in the comments, but certainly not for the impatient fans.

It is worth noting that the artist, in addition to recording the album, performs extensively. Every now and then, there are new photo – reports from his performances appearing on the Internet. This is certainly making the work on the album slower. In addition to live performances, the pace of work is slowed down due to the vocalist’s perfectionism. – It must be something that Michał feels good about. He wants everything to be precisely prepared – emphasized the musician’s manager in an interview for WP.PL

The release will also include Michał’s duet with his sister Marlena. Michał’s sister is a classical singer, she studies music in Italy.

Impatient fans would like to know, at least, the date of the release of the announced CD. Are they not going to be disappointed with Michał Szpak? It is him, who happens to be the biggest disappointment, from all three finalists of the first Polish edition of “The X – Factor” …


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