Concerts of Szpak in the breaks between the recordings- 20.03.2013

Michał’s two concerts in March are behind us. In Polkowice, he amazed both the young audience as well as the organizers and guests gathered at the conference “I protect life against cancer”. You will find the materials of the local TV TUTAJ,, and our recordings and photos are, as always in the Exclusive section  w dziale Exclusive  🙂

In Tomaszów Lubelski, Michał enchanted everyone with his voice during his recital. He appeared there as an artistic guest during the local contest Miss Teenager 2013. He brought everyone down to their knees with his unique repertoire – he performed, among others,  “Skyfall” and the Polish version of the legendary Queen song “Who Wants To Live Forever”. Photos and the video recordings are waiting for you TUTAJ.

As Michał mentioned in an interview wspomniał Michał w wywiadzie: “Tomaszów’s audience captivated him.

– I will come back with pleasure, it was only a mini – recital, I sang without a band, but the audience welcomed me in a very pleasant way, I am very pleased . He added that he would like to release the first album in June. Undoubtedly, Michał’ s appearance in the TV program helped him with his career. That’s why the artist encourages everyone not to be afraid, and just like him, try to show themselves to a bigger audience. “

Meanwhile, Wirtualna Polska reports that the premiere of Michał’s debut album is postponed Wirtualna Polska donosi o przedłużającym się oczekiwaniu na debiutancki LP Michała – as you can see, not only fans but also the artistic and media environment wait for the full-size album. No matter how long it takes to realize Szpak –  dreams and his music ambitions, we keep our fingers crossed for the next steps on his road  🙂

It is also worth mentioning that the performance of “Skyfall” is still there on the Internet. Michał’s performance appeared on the Russian website rosyjskiej stronie,  and they even considered it to be the best of the three attempts to interpret this work by Polish artists.



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