Michał Szpak, again, postpones the release of the album! – wp.pl – 12.03.2013


Are we going to see the debut album? This will not be good news for fans of Michał Szpak. While impatient fans of the vocalist are waiting for the results of his work in the studio, he once again avoids giving details about the possible premiere of his debut album. What’s more, there are a lot of signs that it’s not going to happen in the nearest future.Let us remind you that Michał Szpak gained popularity as a finalist of the first Polish edition of  “The X Factor” program. During the program Michał raised a lot of controversy with his image. Eventually, he got the second place  (lost only with Gierek Loska) and won 50,000 zl. From that moment, everyone is waiting for his debut album.

Unfortunately, the only official release of the artist is the EP “XI” at the end of 2011. However, in August last year, Szpak gave his fan  some hope talking about new songs.

“Polish songs are already almost finished, another two new songs are done. (…) I love music, but always after long days of excitement, you wonder if this is definitely it?! I believe in the strength of these songs’’, wrote the artist, adding that the songs are” more vivid, more lively, very mine “. Unfortunately, there is no specific declaration regarding the possible date of the release of the CD. On top of that, Michał Szpak admitted that the waiting time for the debut album will be longer.

“Beloved, regarding the album, it’s still being created because I’m a restless soul. I keep changing things all the time, I write, add more, delete, throw away, change, think, write, meditate, think, try, learn, in order to make myself  happy with the result, although I do not know if it’s possible, Hahahahaha’’, he wrote on his profile on Facebook.

The only consolation for fans can be the fact that Michał’s next plans are full of concerts. The next one will take place on 16th March at ‘’Tomaszów Dom Kultury’’. Szpak will perform during the elections of Miss of Tomaszów.


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