New Year’s Eve with Szpak! 31.12.2012

On New Year’s Eve, we would like to wish Michał, to experience 2013 in such a great way he begins it- may  it be the time of fulfilled dreams, real success and unforgettable madness! Let life have a taste of joy, let the world appreciate the talent, passion and fantasy that Michał continually shares with us. At the same time, thank you for the wonderful moments of 2012!

We would like to wish all fans days filled with good energy, hope and a smile. Let all our common musical desires be fulfilled.

According to the announcements zapowiedziami , Michał is going to appear on Wrocław Market Square as part of New Year’s Eve concert TVP2  🙂 A few days ago, he gave a long interview for dłuższego wywiadu dla, and today in the morning he appeared in a program w programie “Pytanie na Śniadanie”. According to the latest information, his two entrances are scheduled for 00:55 and 1:04. We are inviting you to Wroclaw and to watch TV- hot emotions and unique artistic and visual impressions are guaranteed!  😀


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