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His life after X Factor, where he finished second, was turned upside down but it didn’t go to (22-year-old) Michał Szpak’s head. At least that’s what he says. The young vocalist, however, reveals to us that popularity is still not enough. He adds that he loves receiving presents from his fans who are in love with him and that on the new album we will hear a duet with his older sister<! –more Continue reading! –>

Apparently, you will wear a dress for the TVP2 New Year’s Eve concert. Is that true?

– I’m not saying no. I can’t reveal my look. No artists do that, neither will I.

Do you want to surprise everyone again?
– People are prepared for something out of the ordinary.

This is your first New Year’s Eve in front of such large audience. Are you nervous?
– No, I have performed on big stages many times since the X Factor. It is going to be very stressful because I get nervous before every concert but luckily, it has a positive effect on me.

How do you destress?
– I eat a lot of sweets before a concert. Not that you can tell but it happens. It’s a diet rich in carbohydrates.

At lot has changed with you after the X Factor.
– Yes, it is true. Above all, I am working on my music. The show presented me with many opportunities and I try not to let them go to waste.

How do you cope with popularity?
– I like it a lot and won’t hide the fact that I am hungry for it. I want more and more of it. I am never satisfied.

Do your female fans react to you in an unusual way?
–People react to me in different ways. Sometimes it can be very surprising. I myself have never had a favourite artist to whom I was completely devoted. It is strange. I admire people who can be so dedicated.

In what way?
– I receive many letters, presents – mainly jewelry and sweets. Greeting postcards from different cities, thank you cards often fan videos on the internet. There are many things that bring a lot of joy. I am happy to have such fans.

With such rapid growth in popularity, it can often go to one’s head. Aren’t you afraid that it may happen in your case?
– I think if it was going to happen, it would have by now.

Your dress can be very eccentric. Where do you get your inspiration??
– Honestly, I do not know. I don’t know what I’m going to wear until 10 minutes before I leave. Of course, I buy various things. Some I need more than others.

What do you spend the most money on? Clothes?
– To be honest, on education, currently, because I am studying psychology.

You are modeling yourself on anyone, or maybe you are using stylists’ help?
– I am my own stylist in general. The street inspired me. I have an imagination that does not allow me to dress normally.

Does your sister steal your jewelry?
– Fortunately, no, because I live alone. But of course I am devoted to my siblings and family with all my heart, so they can always borrow or take what they want.

Do you prefer living alone?
– It is completely different. It certainly teaches great independence, so I learnt to live alone with my mess. There is an artistic chaos in my apartment, but you will not find any dust there!

On “Dancing with the Stars”, your partner was Paulina Biernat. Your friendship has lasted.
– Yes, she is an angel, not a human! As far as I know, Paulina says the same about me, which is just strange to me. Somehow it turned out that the show producers did not even know that they were chosen by people whose contact would translate into something amazing. We spend a lot of time together and don’t get bored with each other’s company..

Maybe this is more than friendship?
– Maybe…

Apparently you’re working on a new CD.
– Yes, and I intend to release it in the spring. There will be a duet with my sister. The song we are singing was composed in Italy by local musicians and it seems to me that it will be a very non-standard duet for Polish conditions.

Do you want to help your sister that way?
– No. We just always wanted to sing together, and now we have the opportunity. My sister works in a completely different field; classical music. I cannot help her, because these are two different worlds. My sister gives me a lot of faith in what I do, and I give her the same. We are each other’s support. Marlena is my friend.

But thanks to you, the media could be talking about her.

Does your younger sister sing as well?
– Yes, Ewa sings at various schools assemblies and plays.

Who did you inherit such talent from?
– After our parents. My father sang in a choir and my mother performed in skits not only in Poland. She plays the guitar to this day and sings for me every time I come for a visit.


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