December Fan Meeting ”DECEMBER CRAVE FOR CHERRIES” – is over! – 10.12.2012

Ufff, it was a really special and unforgettable evening. We have a lot of materials for you (photos, videos, recordings) from this event, but please be patient, everything will appear on our website soon. Meanwhile, we invite you to read the report.

The magic of emotions, the light, the movements, music and fire – this is how we can sum up what happened on 8th December in Warsaw.

Last Saturday, for the second time, there was a meeting of fans of Michał Szpak. Just like last year, the event was combined with the celebration of the Singer’s birthday. There was a lot of attractions for the fans of Michał’s talent, like a full-size concert with the band! But let’s start from the beginning…

The guests began to gather in the Capitol Theater from 4pm. During the two-hour meeting of the Artist and the fans there were many attractions. At the beginning, Michał responded to a series of questions about the year 2012. The fans had an opportunity to learn, among others, that Michał’s biggest success this year – apart from the constant support of amazing fans – was the performance during ‘’TV cabaret night’’ and during the upcoming New Year’s Eve concert in Wrocław. The biggest slip of 2012 for Michał was saying a word “like” 64 times in one interview. His favorite concert was in Charsznica. The most favourite concert of another artist was for Michał, the Muse’s concert in the Atlas Arena in Łódź. Then there was a change of roles – this time it was Michał who interviewed the fans in a competition – they were able to win calendars for 2013 prepared for the occasion. Then Michał received gifts from fans. There were, of course, birthday wishes and a joint singing of ” Sto lat’’ for the 22-year-old artist. For a dessert, there were souvenir photos, autographs and a chat with the idol. It was all sweetened up with a delicious cake. After 7:00PM Michał went backstage to give some interviews and the audience had a moment to prepare for the main point of the event – it was not an extraordinary concert. ‘’It was a great spectacle!’’ –  these were the opinions that could be heard among those who had the opportunity to see this performance.

The show began in the darkness of the Capitol Hall, and the first sounds of music were heard. The dancer Paulina Biernat did a thrilling dance introduction. Then, the star of the evening appeared on the stage – Michał Szpak, welcomed with a huge applause and enthusiastic shouts.  The artist, as he had announced, prepared a few surprises for this performance. The first one was a song “Mi mancherai”, which Michał had previously sung during the premiere of a dance and acting spectacle “I MOVE YOU” on the boards of a theatre in Białystok at the end of November. After this extremely moving introduction, Michał presented a mix of songs, which included his compositions from the debut mini-album “XI”, compositions from the time of the band ‘’Whiplash’’ and rock interpretations of Polish and world hits. A song particularly worth mentioning was ‘’Black night’’ from a repertoire of Deep Purple and an acoustic version of the flagship song ” Dziwny jest ten świat” plus the phenomenal ” Jaskółka” from the repertoire of Stan Borys, which prompted the audience to a standing ovation. A similar applause was aroused by a song ” Dziś budzę się ” (known so far only from the short fragment of  so-called ” Dziki ptak “) presented by Michał for the first time ever in full length.

In addition to Michał’s excellent vocal condition and surprises of  the repertoire, this performance was also special due to the incredible visual frame. The impressive laser and light effects, as well as flames from the stage, created the concert of  Michał Szpak at level that could be envied not only by Polish but also foreign performers.

After the concert the vocalist, once again, went out to the fans so that they could take pictures with him and get the autographs on the photos prepared by the OFC.

This evening was full of unique impressions for all fans – as it always happens during the events where our hero Michał Szpak appears. On behalf of Michał and OFC, we would like to thank all of you who came and the others are encouraged to take part in future events.

See you later!


Author: Robert Choiński (Robbie)

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