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Michał Szpak is recently active in the media again. The musician took part in a TV cabaret show ‘’Kabaretowa Noc Listopadowa’’, he was a guest of a program ” Kawa czy herbata ” and is preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with TVP2 on the market square in Wrocław. – His current activity in the media is somewhat a foretaste of an upcoming single – says the manager of the artist Magda Karłowicz in an interview for WP.PL. For a long time Michał has been working on a full-length album. When can we expect a CD?

‘’He wants everything to be precisely prepared ”

– There is an idea that this CD will appear in Spring. Everything depends on whether we are ready – says the artist’s manager during our conversation. – Michał is working on the material, collecting music, lyrics, among others from Jacek Cygan, but not only.

– We do not want to have any doubts. It must be what Michał feels best in – emphasizes Magda Karłowicz. – I want everything to be precisely prepared.

There will be Michał’s duet with his sister Marlena. – This song is rather a musical style song. Michał’s sister is a classical singer, she studies music in Italy. It will probably be a bonus track – says the manager.

It is not an accident that the musician performed during this year’s version of the November Cabaret Night program. – We wanted to show the full range of his possibilities – explains Magda Karłowicz. – Michał was perceived as a controversial artist, one-dimensional, and he has an enormous talent, not only vocal but also acting.

On 8th December Michał will perform at the Warsaw Capitol Theater. During the performance, the musician will present songs from his “XI” and covers released at the end of 2011. – This is a birthday concert organized by his fan club. It is to be a gift for him and a gift from him for fans at the same time. There will be an opportunity for a birthday meeting and it will be a little pre-holiday gathering- says the manager.


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