Michał made Kinga’s dream come true :) – 28.11.2012

We have prepared a report from the meeting of Michał and Kinga for you, which took place on November 26 in Prostki. Photo gallery and videos will be coming soon, and for now you can see some photos and a video from this special event:
1) Artykuł + galeria portal prostki.wm.pl
2) Krótki artykuł, galeria + video portal radio5.com.pl
3) Bezpośredni link do video


The meeting with Kinga Dąbrowska took place on November 26 in Prostki. It came as a result of an initiative of the OFC and with the special cooperation of Mrs. Bożena Bagan, the mayor of this town, who turned out to be a very open person and willingly engaged in our project. The idea of the meeting was to fulfil the dream of one of the fans of Michał Szpak – Kinga Dąbrowska, who, for health reasons, was never able to participate in her idol’s concert. She could not come to the concert, so Michał came to her.
The meeting took place in a beautiful and atmospheric restaurant. Michał was greeted by young people gathered there, representatives of local authorities and local media. However, Kinga was the one who anticipated the meeting with Michał the most. When he walked into the room, you could see the emotion on her face, which she did not even try to hide. Michał warmly welcomed and greeted her and their mutual conversation began during which they quickly established a relationship with each other. The conversation was spontaneous, open and cheerful.
Kinga prepared a surprise for Michał on his birthday, in the form of 22 red roses. A microphone shaped birthday cake awaited him as well. A nice touch was the request by Kinga and the young people for the singer to perform Niemen’s “Strange is this world” by vocalist of the hit, to which he agreed and sang a capella. Kinga was delighted, and the audience rewarded it by applause. At the end, Michał gave Kinga a specially designed for her calendar with his photos with a dedication and an autograph. Kinga very willingly posed with Michał for photos, which gave her much joy. There was also an entry in the restaurant’s memorial book. During the meeting Michał and Iwona accompanied the media interested in this special event. At this point we would like to thank Michał, who on the day when everyone wished him for his dreams to come true, he fulfilled the dream of someone special. We hope that this meeting was unforgettable for both Kinga and Michał.

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