The end of the Summer concert season, future music plans and a handful of interviews- 02.10.2012

Two successful performances of Michał are over. On 9th September in Charsznica our Artist not only gave a spectacular concert in terms of his vocal, but also surprised everyone with his unusual stylization. Just a few days before the concert, on the gossip pages, there appeared Michał’s pictures suggesting a change of the color of his hair – to blond. The vocalist did not deny this information, keeping the fans in suspense until the last moments before the performance, when he appeared in a blond wig 😀  A week later, on 16th September, Szpak performed in Rzeszów, closing the Summer concert season. Before he appeared on the stage, Michał also gave an interview for the local radio station, where he was accompanied by his band. As you know, the presence of the whole band usually guarantees a relaxed, humorous atmosphere and we encourage you to listen to the recording nagrania in the Internet section 😉

We are also inviting you to the Exclusive section, where our concert materials are waiting for you – a big photo gallery and full HD recordings from Charsznica (z Charsznicy ) and Rzeszów (z Rzeszowa ), as well as a video summarizing the whole Summer concert season of 2012 filmik podsumowujący cały letni sezon koncertowy 2012

You can also find an interview on the OFC website autoryzowany wywiad , recorded by us where the vocalist talks about his future plans regarding his new album and other. As the vocalist reports, the process of completing the works and the lyrics for the LP continues.

In the meantime, Szpak appeared at the première of a movie “Jesteś Bogiem “na premierze filmu „Jesteś Bogiem”, which is one of the most important musical and movie events of  last weeks. In the video section you can find some recordings where he talks about  his future plans- also abroad aspiracjach pod kątem rynku zagranicznego–  and says how much his faithful fans mean to him  jak wiele znaczą dla niego wierni fani  🙂


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