The work on the album continues, concerts are planned – meaning what’s new with Michał :) – 22.08.2012

Co nowego u Michała

Rested and joyful after his Egyptian adventure, Michał returned to Poland with a new supply of energy and ideas to get back to work in the studio, where Filip Siejka and Marek Kościkiewicz look after the sound of the fresh material. The vocalist announces something different from the musical aesthetics of the EP, defining the new works as more vivid and harmonizing with his identity: “I believe in the power of these songs”. Two songs are ready when it comes to the lyrics and are waiting for the recording of the vocal. There is a chance for the new single to appear in September, although these decisions depend on the label, informed Michał. We keep our fingers crossed for the musical work  🙂  Artykuł na

In the meantime, our Artist – wearing, as always, a unique outfit that he mentions here: Video 1 Klik! – appeared with Paulina Biernat on the jubilee show of Gosia Baczyńska, where he disclosed some secrets regarding the threatre – musical project where we might hear the vocal of Michał: Video 2 Klik!

Michał does not forget about the loyal fans who are waiting for his performances in various corners of the country. In the nearest future we will hear him live:

– 26th August  2012 at 12:00 noon in Warsaw, where he will give a solo performance during the “First Birthday of Reading in the Grass” ( Pierwsze urodziny Czytania w trawie”  and on the same day, at 5:00PM, we will see him with the band  in Lubawa during the Days of Lubawa

– 9th September 2012 in Charsznica during the Days of Charsznica.

We strongly encourage you to take part in the concerts – nothing can replace these emotions!  😀 The details of all events can be found in the Events section and ‘’Wydarzenia’’ section: Klik!

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