Szpak in Cieplice – – 11.05.2012 (str. 9 i 11)

The concert opening 39th ‘’Spring in Cieplice’’ (Wiosna Cieplicka)  – a performance by Michał Szpak – attracted on 1st May to ‘’Piastowski Square’’ in Cieplice a crowd of local people and tourists. The singer presented the material from his debut album, giving a nice show. Those who know Szpak from ‘’The X –Factor’’ program know that he is in his element while on a stage.

Long hair, tight silver pants – like a suit of an astronaut, sleeves with feathers – this is Michał Szpak, who became well – known thanks to his participation in a program in TVN. He keeps on shocking us with his look and  impressing us with his voice. People who went to Cieplice for his concert on 1st May were able to experience it themselves. The ‘’Piastowski’’ Square was filled in both with faithful fans of Szpak, as well as people who were curious to see him. The event in Cieplice was opened, and those who were skeptical towards  Szpak’s vocal abilities had to admit that the fans of the singer had been right. During the gig Michał Szpak presented songs from his first album EP “XI”: “Pretty Baby”, “Rewolucja”, “Po niebo”, ” Muszę biec ” and “Sensualny”. There were also covers, including Czesław Niemen’s song – the one that that helped the vocalist become recognizable and allowed him enter ‘’The X- Factor’’ program. This year, the repertoire of Szpak is supposed to be enriched with songs from his debut album. The concert was the first event during this year’s set of gigs of ‘’ Spring in Cieplice’’ which will last until the end of May.

”You have to take more from life”

Michał Szpak – born on 26th November 1990 in Jasło, a Polish vocalist, the finalist of the first Polish edition of ‘’The X –Factor’’ program. He has  never taken professional singing lessons, and he is self-taught. He released his debut EP ‘’XI’’ in December last year. There are five songs there on ‘’XI’’. A full-length album is planned to be released this year.

  • – You got to like singing because of your sister meaning you have been singing since you were a child. Why did you start?
  • – It seems to me that it is a very nice form of entertainment. It improves my mood and makes me stay positive and also helps to get rid of bad emotions.
  • – What did the beginning look like?
  • – It seems to me that I was already singing in my mother’s womb. Rock and roll since early childhood. The beginning was at the time when I was not even able to remember it. My earliest memories are: me getting up at 6 am, being a small child, I used to go out into the garden, I used to sit on a swing and I used to sing. And all my neighbours used to shout at me to shut up and go back home. I did not want to do it and I used to shout back “noooo, I feel comfortable here”.
  • – Your image is very controversial. Haven’t you considered fashion, design
  • – Designing is something that is there, at the back of your head. Creating your image is a feature connected to it. I own some of my clothes and some of them I just change after buying them. I do everything the way I like. Designing is something I am familiar with. And when it comes to being someone’s stylist, it seems to me, that you have to be a very good psychologist. I have always been interested in psychology, the human mind and the way it works. It is hard to design an outfit for someone that would match his personality.
  • – You are the finalist of ‘’The X- Factor’’. How did your career develop after the final?
  • – My career can be followed in the media which means that it has developed very well. Now, when all the lights of the TV programs are off  I keep on working on my own, but I can not complain. I would not be here with you if it was different.
  • – Would you make a career if it was not thanks to ‘’The X- Factor’’?
  • – I had been working on it all the time. It seems to me that I could have been successful without taking part in the program, however, it would have been much harder. Although I can not say that it is easy now. The period after ‘’The X – Factor’’ means for me going back to ‘’the lower level’’. I have to climb up again. I do not show my face on a weekly basis any more. It is a very nice job, tiring, but very pleasant and fruitful.
  • – Are you in touch with Kuba Wojewódzki?
  • – Yes, we are in touch.
  • – If it wasn’t singing, what would it be? Dancing?
  • – I took part in “Dancing with the Stars”. Perhaps if I had taken dancing lessons as a child I would have the chance to be good at some kind of a modern dance. The ballroom dancing is my ‘’Achilles heel’’. I wanted to learn it in order to be able to interact with another person,  that’s why I took part in this program. I like to have a good company, however such a close contact was something new to me. Taking part in the program helped me overcome some private barriers and allowed me to develop myself on various levels.
  • – Please say in a few sentences what  message did you want to give us with your album?
  • – The main message is never to be ashamed of yourself, to fight for your right – if it is good and not harmful. You have to take more from life than it gives you. You only  have to want to do it. I entourage the  listeners to take more from life, because they can.
  • – Thank you for the conversation

Interview by Marlena Skrodzka and Aleksander Borkowski working for ‘’Radio Nagłos”, a student radio of ‘’Karkonoska’’ State College in Jelenia Góra


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