What’s new with Michał? – 18.07.2012

The holiday season is in full swing, but our Szpak, though also planning to relax, is not wasting any time. The artist spent the last weeks in the recording studio, where he is preparing a new single, the details of which remain a secret.
On July 5, Michał also announced he was accepted to a university. 🙂 His chosen field of study is psychology – as we know, he already mentioned the fascination with this field in interviews a year ago. The vocalist will make a decision as to the major in September.
Each success is undoubtedly a reason for joy and an opportunity to celebrate, and when it comes to Michał, you can be sure that the celebration will take place in a unique, Szpak style 😀
To celebrate the new stage in his life, Michał, in the company of Paulina (dance partner from “Dancing with the Stars”), went to Elton John’s concert, which took place on July 7 in Łódź. In the meantime, the couple of inseparable friends came to Lodz Manufaktura, where they bungee jumped together to the delight of numerous observers and reporters 😉
Currently Michał is going on holidays to exotic, hot corners of the Mediterranean. We wish him a carefree relaxation and recuperation as well as many fresh artistic inspirations

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