A ”stormy” concert in Wysokie Mazowieckie! – 03.07.2012

Uff! It was a truly unique concert. Whoever was there knows exactly what was happening over there. Unfortunately, it was impossible to prepare for you some materials from the performance this time due to an absolute prohibition of filming and photographs. It is all there, in our memory, and everything that we remember is here in our report. There will also be some photos of Michał soon, taken before the concert, we are inviting you!

We can definitly say one thing about the concert in Wysokie Mazowieckie: it was stormy 🙂 OK, one by one.

When we reached the stage, we were a bit shocked, not necessarily in a positive way. Yes, the stage was large, professionally prepared, however it was situated a good dozen meters away from the barriers. The space between the stage and the barriers was filled in with chairs for VIPs, and there were very few of them at 3:00 pm, because it was extremely hot. The temperature in the shade was definitely over 30 degrees, and in the sun – better not to mention it.  Of course, we stood in the sun 😀 Michał’s fans started arriving, but there were only a few of them waiting non-stop near the barriers, because it was difficult to withstand the heat.

Michał appeared around 3pm and gave an interview to TVN. He was wearing jeans shorts and a light blouse, he seemed to be in a great mood; when he saw familiar faces near the railings, he smiled and waved. Later on, he appeared again to watch the beginning of a concert of the girls known from XF. It was obvious that he was having fun – he danced, clapped. You could even say that ‘’he stole’’ the show from Ania  and Ola. Unfortunately, the weather did not want to adjust to Szpak’s mood – and around 5pm it was getting more and more cloudy, a storm was approaching from a distance. We were hoping for the storm to omit us  – but it did not happen. It suddenly became really dark, literally in a few minutes, and there was a terrible wind – people began to run away in panic.

A big respect to fans of Szpak as they were the last to run away. But they had to go away as well as it became really dangerous. The technical service was in a big hurry trying to protect the equipment and the stage. Meanwhile, most people decided to hide away in a nearby supermarket. Outside, there was hell: a downpour, gale, lightings, fire trucks driving like crazy. Terrible! The downpour lasted a good hour. We were not sure if the concert would take place. There were rumours that  Michał’s performance could be moved to the hall of the Cultural Centre nearby. As the final decision was not made, as soon as it stopped raining,  we went back near the barriers. Finally, it was decided: Michał would sing, but not in the open air but in the Cultural Centre.

The conditions were not very good in there: a small stage, old chairs, poor acoustics, and no professional lighting. Everything took forever as there was a local band ‘’Hamak’’ performing before Michał. They also had to install the equipment, do a quick rehearsal, play and after that the boys from ‘’Whiplash’’ finally gave the concert …  Minutes were passing by. Michał appeared on the stage around 7pm. The organizers had asked us, before the gig, not to film or take pictures therefore there is no recording of the gig.  It would not be good quality anyway as both the acoustics and lighting were far from good. For this reason, Michał asked not to record the performance.

One must admit one thing when it comes to Michał: if he writes on FB that the stylization is going to be unique – it will be 😉 Szpak looked  this time like from a land of a fashion fantasy. He wore a silver outfit, silver leggings with black patches, the top was also silver revealing his back, black body, high boots, and a huge feather collar –  the one from previous concerts. During the first song he was wearing a black headscarf which he took off later on, he had some… tape (taken out of cassette tapes) pinned to his hand… In general, nothing was matching…  😉

Both Michał and the guys from the band did their best considering the bad conditions. It was obvious that they were playing for fans, who knew what kind of person Michał was and who were not shocked with his stage look or behavior. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him so relaxed, so … close. He was talking a lot, piercing balloons in a shape of red hearts, which had been thrown onto the stage. He even laughed at the fact that he had to sing with a microphone with a cable and as soon as he went too far, he had to drag the microphone stand with him 😀 He was dancing, going crazy on the stage, throwing his head from right and left. The audience was splashed with a stream of water several times (thanks, Misz! – the door was closed and it was terribly hot). For the first time since the concert in Częstochowa, Michał invited a fan to the stage to sing ” Cień w dolinie mgieł” with him (it turns out that the song is back to the repertoire for good). This time, Ania was the lucky one, who additionally received a red rose from Michał – one of those cast on the stage by fans – plus one of the heart-shaped balloons.

” Dziwny jest ten świat ” was very touching and  it came out fantastic. It was a very good concert of Michał, in his voice there were emotions and passion. If he had presented such abilities on a big stage with a good sound system he would have gained a lot of supporters that day. It is a pity that Michał was not allowed to play a full concert. During “Sweet Child O’mine” his manager let him know that time was over and the organizers wanted to finish. So there was no “Sensual” or an enchore. Michał was able to say only a quick goodbye to fans and Dorota Gardias came on the stage saying that it was not the end of meeting with Michał – whatever that meant. Unfortunately, there were no signs that Michał would go out to the fans again, so after several minutes we began to say good bye.

Meanwhile, the weather improved and a concert of ‘’Blue Café’’ was on – on the big stage in front of quite a large audience. It was a pity that Michał was not allowed to play there because it could have been one of his best concerts. After a few minutes, we were informed that Michał would come out to the big stage after ‘’Blue Café’’ and he would sing a few more songs, but eventually it did not happen. He came out to the fans to thank the audience for the concert and to announce the next performance in Lubawa on 26th August.

To sum up, the concert was really successful despite so many unfortunate and unlucky events. Michał did his best  – as always, he did not disappoint his admirers who came for him from all over Poland and beyond. He showed that he really respected his fans and he also emphasized on his Facebook later on that he did it only for them.


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