A letter to malopolskie.tv – 18.06.2012

On 16th  June 2012,there was a video published in a service vimeo with an interview with Michał on the day of his performance on the boards of the Amphitheatre in Opole (Zobacz video). Because OFC was moved by the warm welcome of Michała by the journalist, we have decided to send a letter.

The letter:

“Dear Editors,

Us, Michał Szpak’s Official Club Fan, we would like to ask you to pass our message to the journalist who interviewed our artist on 1st June before the 49th KFPP in Opole (this interview was published on 16th June on vimeo website: http: // vimeo.com/44135915)

We appreciate the fact that you have demonstrated a high journalist ethic, publicly admitting that people disregard the talent of Michał before they even have the chance to hear him live. Unfortunately, the ability to apologize for such a mistake is nowadays unusual, which we regret, because it often affects the distribution of negative and undeserved opinions among the readers and viewers about controversial but really talented artists. We would also like to thank you for so many warm and sincere words addressed to Michał during the conversation. The interview is pleasant, objective and professional. It gives us hope for a breakthrough in the approach of other journalists to Michał – we hope that in the nearest future, the media, and also the public will fully recognize his potential and his artistic courage, loyalty and passion. Szpak has a lot to offer both as an artist and as a human – being.

We are also very pleased that you plan to invite him to your city to take part in the event organized by you, which is “Muzyczne lato”, Musical Summer. We promise that if there is an opportunity for fans to participate in the event, there will definitely be our representatives.

With warm regards to the journalist and the entire editorial team,

The Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak”.


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