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For over a year, we have been observing a young controversial vocalist, Michał Szpak. Surely, you can not deny his talent, so why are there so many critical articles about him on the Internet?

Maybe because experience has taught us that if someone can not sing, he tries to  makes it up with the image? Perhaps, looking at Michał, we immediately assume that the boy can not sing, hence the different image? Or maybe we can not accept that the talent of this young artist goes hand in hand with the image? Would it have been easier for us to concentrate on his voice if Szpak sang wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans? Maybe, but then it would not be the same boy anymore.

Not long ago Michał Szpak performed at a festival in Opole, so let’s try to answer a question: are singers who have no potential invited to this type of festivals? Can we undermine decisions of people who had been working in the music industry for a long time? It should also be remembered that the event in Opole is not a concert for music lovers but a festival of entertainment music, which perhaps some people seem not to notice, criticizing the performances of the invited singers.

During the concert “Crazy 1960’s” in Opole, Michał Szpak, for the second time, faced Czesław Niemen, this time with a song ” Płonąca Stodoła “. For the second time he managed to do perfectly well and fit in the atmosphere of this difficult song. He certainly stood out with his vocal during the festival, so the question is:  why only a few people noticed it? Perhaps the following discussion is just a clumsy attempt to answer this question.

Few people in the audience are able to concentrate on a performance if an image of a vocalist attracts too much  attention. The dynamic song ” Płonąca Stodoła ” and the vocalist, whose curly hair was treated with a hair – straightener, a great dance drew attention of some part of the audience who no longer payed attention to singing, only to the show. And it was the show that stayed in mind of some people, not the young artist’s vocal.

Perhaps this is the problem of the talented boy. Michał’s talent should not be overwhelmed, it should be a priority and everything else should be just a background. Maybe then,  his wonderful voice would stay in the memory of the audience? Maybe…

So, ho has the problem in that case? Szpak, who can not break through with his talent to a larger number of recipients? Or the viewer, who can not focus on the vocal because he is bombarded with an image and a colourful performance? When we watch Michał Szpak’s rehearsals, we, first of all, hear his great voice. The voice comes from a boy with naturally beautiful hair and an interesting outfit. During rehearsals, no one pays attention to an outfit, only to the voice. Then comes the main performance and maybe we see too many details and we are not able to take it all in: the image, the performance, and above all the vocal, the wonderful vocal. Maybe we are not able to look at the performance as a whole, we focus on one of the elements of the performance and we do not notice the most important one? Because this young boy is very good vocally.

When you listen to different opinions about the performance of Michał Szpak you can notice that people suggest that Szpak focuses on his “steps” and on his outfit too much, what disturbs him while singing. Or maybe it is the opposite? Maybe the recipient, instead of focusing on the sound, focuses his whole attention on the image and it does not allow him to concentrate on singing. Maybe.

Fortunately, when it comes to the young and undoubtedly talented boy, Michał Szpak, more and more people do not only watch but, above all, listen and become convinced about his talent. More and more people see that you can sing well and give a great performance at the same time.


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