Michał Szpak a Real Star during the 49th Festival in Opole 2012 – malopolskie.tv – 05.06.2012


Any doubts regarding a performance of Michał Szpak of a song “Płonąca stodoła” from the repertoire of Czesław Niemen have disappeared during a rehearsal before a concert ‘’Szalone lata 60-te!’’ (Crazy 1960s’), which was presented during this year’s festival in Opole.

(The concert attracted the largest audience in front of TVs, and the smallest audience was there on Saturday during a concert ‘’KULtowe przeboje’’, a concert that absolutely did not fit the convention of the festival). Michał proved that his popularity is not accidental. A high, strong sounding voice, his fascinating personality, his professionalism, his EP approaching the status of the “golden album” and his modesty, punctuality for the meetings with journalists – it all distinguished the artist from such performers as Ewa Farna (the singer’s manager did not let the media close to her and suggested questions to be asked to Ewa.) Michał in a conversation with a representative of malopolskie.tv confirmed that he was ready to appear at a meeting with his fans as part of this year’s “Musical Summer 2012″ and answer all questions asked by the fans.

We invite our viewers and readers of  a magazine ” Dobry Tygodnik Sądecki ” to submit questions to Michał Szpak – we will talk with the artist during his stay in Krynica – Zdrój. A special interview with Michał for our television will appear on Malopolskie.tv soon. Please send your questions to the address: top20hits@interia.pl

Author : M & A Media , assistance and photos : Maciek Bożek

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