A letter to TVP 04.06.2012

Dear All, we want to inform you that OFC sent a letter to TVP concerning the omission of Michał’s performance during the 49 KFFP in Opole on the official youtube channel. We hope that this will soon change. A similar fan action was also organised by Szpakofani

http://szpakofani.phorum.pl. Together we can do more.

The letter:

“Dear Sir or Madam!

As the Official Fanclub of Michał Szpak, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that youtube tvp has not included a video with a performance of our artist, which took place during the concert “Crazy 60s” in Opole. The song “Płonie stodoła ” by Michał Szpak is still not officially available on itvp, although there are already videos of all other performers who took part in this concert. We believe that this is only an oversight on your part and Michał’s performance will soon be available.

Kind regards

Official Fanclub of Michał Szpak


Beloved, we would like to report that after the Phorum and the OFC mail intervention, TVP has finally completed the list of the performances in Opole on YouTube channel and TVP. You can now watch the official video with Michał’s performance – we strongly encourage you to clicking ‘’fajne’’, commenting on it and sharing  🙂

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