My outfits are a health hazard! – festiwal.nto – 01.06.2012

The outfit in which he performs at the festival is his original idea and takes half an hour to put on.

Michał Szpak decided to add to the atmosphere of the “Burning Barn”, which he will perform in an unusual outfit.

During the “Cray 60s” concert, he will perform in a red leather armour, black high-waisted trousers and a long, red train.

The whole outfit takes about 30 minutes to put on and as it turns out, it can be dangerous. People who helped me to dress, pinched me with the clasps a couple of times – Szpak reveals backstage. But it was worth it because when I saw myself in the mirror, I thought it was a Jedi warrior or the prince of the red dragon – he laughed, clearly pleased with his stage creation, which was his original idea.

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