How Szpak – The Master Of Fire – put the stage in Opole on fire – 02.06.2012

We had been waiting for yesterday evening for a long time – we had great hope, the emotions were huge, the tension reached its zenith. Today, with no doubt, we can talk about a real success. Michał kept his promise and he not only did everything he could  to cope with the ”Opole challenge”, but he made this performance truly unforgettable, as well.

Szpacza rozgrzewka za kulisami w dziale Video
Występ Michała w dziale Video
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Our Correspondents were there as well, and one of them prepared a ‘hot’ report especially for you 🙂

I have to say that I was not supposed to go to the concert 😀 I was going there with a strong resolution that I would only fulfil my role as a ticket seller and that was supposed to be it. But two hours on the train means a lot of time to think, some people have great persuasion abilities as well, and emotions also take over. Therefore, after reaching Opole, tickets at the train station, a photo with a board ‘’OPOLE’’ (adding something silly like ‘’I have been living five years there and I managed to get to know the train station very well 😉 ) and I run to the amphitheatre hoping that everything would work out well. Crazy atmosphere over there – TV cars, fences, security guards … I asked about the box office only to find out that the tickets were sold out. OK – I thought – probably it was supposed to be that way, I am not going to cry. Suddenly the nice ladies from the box office said: “There was a gentleman here who had some tickets to sell but he went somewhere…” And at that moment this guy came back! What a shock … It turned out that he did not manage to sell the tickets. What did I do? Thinking to myself:  “You are a total psycho,” I took my wallet out, I put the money on the table and the ticket was mine. I did not fail to tell everyone about Michał, about his fans who follow him all over Poland and other interesting Szpak –  things 🙂

Then a quick visit to my cousin, sorting myself out and returning to the amphitheatre.

I had a fantastic seat because it was sector D, right in front of the stage. It turned out that it was a sector for journalists and other VIPs who receive tickets from the organizers and, as someone told me, they sell them if they are not able to go to the concert. I did not believe it at all and the most important thing was that I had the ticket and the guy sold it to me for a decent amount of money 😉

In the amphitheatre we, by accident, met Dominik,  a manager of Michał. We talked for a short while, he asked us – among others –  if we had that banner, which we usually carry to concerts, because it would be great if it could be shown on TV. Yes, we had the banner and I promised that we would do everything we could to show the whole Poland the way Szpak  – fans have fun 😀 I have to mention that all the people who I arrived with managed to get to sector D  😉

To be honest, I have to admit that I was really stressed thinking of  Michał ‘’burning the barn’’. A difficult, fast text, an extensive choreography, a huge pressure, him being aware of the importance of this performance – it was a huge challenge for Michał. I was trying to have fun during performances of other artists but I could not really feel it. Oh, and do not believe what you see on TV. Everyone knows that television cheats, also when it comes to a size. The stage of the amphitheatre seems huge, but it is not so big in reality. Nevertheless, the decoration was good, the lighting and the visual effects were really successful, too. Music was not so good, unfortunately. The sound of the instruments often overwhelmed the vocals, as if the microphones were not set up properly – the vocal sound was too quiet comparing to the sound of the orchestra. I do not know how it all worked out on TV – but you could see the big difference in sound when you were there in the amphitheatre.

Okay, but let’s get back to the point … I knew that Michał would perform after Kasia Kowalska, so during her performance me and Agata tried to unfold the banner and, as a result, we were told off by people sitting behind us that we were disturbing them 😀 And finally the moment came. The presenters started talking about Niemen and Michał appeared on the stairs – the cameras, obviously, did not show it. They kept on talking and he was standing there on the stairs. I could only imagine how stressed he must have been at that moment. I was trying to send him as much positive energy as I could.

And finally it started !!! The stage became red and Michał ran down the stairs. I had said it already and I will repeat it again: no recording, no video, even no live broadcast on TV is able to show the strength of his voice live! Everyone, who has ever had the chance to hear Michał live, knows that. It is not possible to show the power of his voice on TV.

The banner went up and we did not care if there was anybody mad at us, ha ha. Well, they would kill us, in the worst case, but it’s OK to die after Szpak’s performance, right? 😉

It was crazy! The reactions of people to our behavior were very positive – it’s a pity that it was not shown on TV and people could not see how Michał’s fans can go crazy. The cameras did not capture our banner, but there were photos taken with it. And it is also a pity that there were not many of us over there. But let’s believe that this was not the last performance of Szpak… 😉

The final stage of the performance was smashing! Michał is amazing at vocalisation, I have no idea how he does it considering the fact that he is so slim  – he has such a powerful rock voice. The way ” Stodoła” was performed was similar to the original, but it was much more fresh, stronger, more rock-like … and the scream at the end! Madness!!!

I think that Michał was warmly received by the audience, but, honestly, I did not look at people at all. This mass of emotions is unimaginable. Fun and madness plus stress – I was worried if everything would go well (although I have no influence on that as a fan, but nevertheless the stress is there, you know), plus I had to remember to keep the banner up … Your heart beats like crazy. Because of it all, I could not remember anything after Michał left the stage! I could only remember his scream at the end of the song. Then we started texting and phoning other fans who were watching the show on TV asking: “What was it like on TV ???” The reviews were consistent: AMAZING !!!

Yes, I can confirm, being an eye – witness: it was a great performance. Michał took over the stage in Opole, filled the amphitheatre in with his voice from the first row to the last one. He gave an incredible show, he had his stress under control and he did great with this difficult song. He completed the task 100%. It was worth to be there. It was all crazy, spontaneous, without over thinking. I will remember this evening for a long time. Thanks, Michał, you brought the house down! And thanks to everyone who shared this crazy emotions in the amphitheatre with me yesterday. 🙂


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