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I am very happy with the outfit I am going to wear in Opole because it makes an impression. It is a pity though, that people often do not understand that my appearance is simply a part of a show and they do not pay attention to my voice – says Michał Szpak, who will perform during a concert ‘’Crazy 1960s’’ on Friday evening.

During the concert, Szpak will sing a song “Płonie Stodoła” from a repertoire of Czesław Niemen. A strong performance, which we could see during the rehearsals, is made even more special thanks to his red, fiery outfit. Although Szpak is known for his specific and very complex outfits, he stresses that his actions aim at being identified with music.

– I realize that I look specific. This is due to the fact that, for me, a stage is not a place where I want to look ‘’normal’’. It’s all about the show and playing certain roles I had come up with – which suit songs and an arrangements. It’s about adding a special mood to a song and underlining it with clothing – explains Szpak.

– I do all I can to make people perceive me, first of all, as a musician and a singer. That’s why I am so eager to perform on various stages and at festivals. Unfortunately, despite it all that, I am still considered to be a celebrity rather than an artist – he admits.

Szpak does not feel like a pioneer on the Polish music stage when it comes to costumes and controversy. – Niemen used to be perceived as an eccentric in the past. He also did make – up and did many things that were not fashionable and popular at that time, what was not accepted by most people – he notes.

The vocalist does not think that the criticism he faces means that Poland is backward. – I think that it is a matter of resistance to accepting something that is unconventional. It is difficult for me to specify exactly what it may result from, but for years we had been locked up under a specific ‘’shade’’ that did not allow people, especially the older generation, taste free life. It seems to me that this is the reason why so many Polish people are conservative – he argues.

Nevertheless, Szpak emphasizes that he sees some progress and changes for the better in this matter.

– Although we still have a long way to go – says Szpak.


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