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SZOK talks with Michał “Miszel” Szpak – a vocalist from Jaslo and the star of the first season of Poland’s X Factor.

Miszel, you are not afraid that at some point this will all go to your head??
No, because I know it will not happen. I am sure about that. I know it can be good, but it can also get bad. If it was all going to go to my head, it would’ve happened by now.

Which judge were you most afraid of during the audition for the X Factor?
Actually, I was not afraid of any of the judges. I didn’t know who was going to be on the panel before I auditioned. I heard that Kuba and Czeslaw were going to be part of it, but Maja was a surprise. I wasn’t afraid of Kuba because I knew he would understand my situation. Generally, the judges did not arouse fear in me.

At the first audition you sang Czesław Niemen’s song “Strange is this world”. People were very touched by it and cried. It was a very emotional performance. Was it real or just well-played?
Those were real emotions. I guess it was obvious. When it comes to acting, it is often necessary. I am not one of those people who do something for show. Everything I do is real and it comes from deep inside me.

You also showed humility towards what others say. After you got up on stage, Maja told you to take of the ‘girly bling’ and you did that without any problems.
Going on stage, I realized that it could be irritating to some. The choker was provocative in a way and I knew that very well; I wanted to see what the judges’ reactions would be.

How did it feel when people started to laugh?
Nothing, I laughed with them [laughing]. I don’t take myself seriously and take these types of reactions negatively. This is my defence mechanism. Everyone should have that in today’s society.

Is there anything you would like to change in your life now?
No, absolutely nothing.

Would you be very disappointed if you didn’t win the show?
No. I am prepared for every scenario. The fact that I’m an optimist, that I have a lot of support and I know that people want me to win, does not win that I am particularly thinking about this. It is really not up to me. Its up to the people, the producers and everyone who is on the show. I can win but I don’t have to. I know that.

What do you think of the standard of the other contestants?
I can only say that there are many people who are definitely better than me on the show. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the producers did not want to invest in people were in some way inappropriate. I went on the show as the whole package. I have my own image, I have a voice and an idea for myself. And there are people who need direction, to create an image. The producers do not always have time for this, so they have to choose people who have the x factor.

Now a higher level of competition has begun …
Yes, but I don’t want to fight anyone because that’s not the point. I went on the show to have fun and learn and not to compete with anyone. I prefer to meet other participants, maybe I can find some friends among them. Anyway, I have already found them and can’t complain, I am very happy about this friendship.

Other participants who do not look as “colourful” as you may envy you. Aren’t you afraid they might think “he appealed to the audience” and will want to imitate you?
That’s not my problem. I can wear whatever I want, I have my own ideas and the fact that someone might dress like me, will only show their colorlessness and lacking their own opinion. Unfortunately, people need to understand the fact that show business in our country can destroy them. This type of world is only for people who are mentally strong.

You know everyone in Jaslo is cheering for you. Can you feel it?
Yes, I am grateful to them. However, I also know that the media is like a god and now that they talk about me, people say: “We now know that the way you dressed, how you looked, it made sense. This is your style and now we know why you are the way you are”. It is because of that, I have been accepted. Unfortunately, that is the truth. Fortunately, I am a person who doesn’t pay much attention to it. Of course, I respect them and understand them in a way, although it’s not cool that they only appreciate you when they see you on TV.

Do you think fondly of your old bands such as De Star or Whiplash?
Yes, of course. I really like that music and I often go back to my 2009 recordings. But that’s the past and that phase is closed.

In which direction you would like to go – pop or maybe something more aggressive?
It seems to me that in some way I can surprise you, but what kind of music it will be – I will not betray it. This is my sweet secret. (laugher)

What’s next after the show?
Time will tell. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, what will be will be. I am staying positive and that’s what’s important.

Thank you and we wish you much success.
Karolina Kaleta (IIa) i Magda Balasa (IIc)

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