The latest album of Michał Szpak “Nadwiślański Mrok”

Michał Szpak Nadwiślański Mrok

It’s already here! The long-awaited by fans!

“Nadwiślański Mrok” by Michał Szpak is the Artist’s latest album. The material is a summary of Michał Szpak’s 4-year independent artistic path. It closes the very dark period in the Artist’s life associated with becoming independent from the mainstream, mourning after the death of his mother and enjoying the ecstatic but devastating charms of the big city. What started with commercial, television colours suddenly became a dark distortion and ended in techno clubs, in the tones of trash – industrial – rock – electro. The material is eclectic, heterogeneous, created for a long time and in stages. Michał often says that it is his “artistic vomit” – something that came out from the bottom of his heart, from the most inner parts of his body, something that was irritating and finally found its way out;
– and this release of feelings is painful, the music takes the listener through torments, trembling emotions, ecstasy, and only at the end there is relief. It’s coming to terms with the past – accepting the fact that what has happened is over, and it’s time to set out on a new path.

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