Birthday wishes for Michał from OFC

Michał's 28th birthday

Dear Michał,

We do not wish you a praise from people – but understanding, because we believe that anyone who looks into your soul will love you as much as we do. We do not wish it to be loud about you – but we wish you to have this inviolable silence inside you, that will allow you to separate all other voices from your own.

We do not wish you success – every single experience that you allow to go deep inside your heart and discover the truth about yourself and the universe will always be your victory.

We only want happiness for you that does not violate your freedom and does not lull your desire for development.

Freedom – only according to your definition.

Development – which excites instead of proving something to others.

You are for us the personification of music, but also something much more: a constellation of undiscovered beauty, dreams and secrets. Today, all of us, embrace you sincerely, warmly and trustfully, as strong as the hearts of fans are able to do it 

We wish you most wonderful birthday !

… Your OFC!


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