Birthday wishes for Michał from international fans

birthday 2018

After the semi-final of ‘’The Voice of Poland’’ yesterday, Michał received a huge bouquet of flowers on behalf of Russian-speaking fans – from the fan clubs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Moldova. The flowers were a birthday gift for the Artist. The bouquet itself was so exceptionally beautiful and so huge that it aroused an admiration and caused quite a sensation among all people who saw it 🙂 There was also a post – card with birthday wishes, given to our Artist, from the fans from across the Eastern border. The post – card was brought all the way from Kaliningrad. On this occasion, we would like to give our regards to all Russian-speaking fans and thank them for their support and a huge heart. We would like to praise the Russian-speaking fan club, operating mainly in vKontakte, which gathers several thousand fans in their group.


Another birthday surprise for Michał was prepared by IFC Michal Szpak, gathering fans from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, Australia, the UK, Hungary, etc. On their behalf, there were equally beautiful flowers and a birthday card given to Michał. We also would like to say ‘’thank you’’ to our foreign fans from IFC. You are great❣️


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