“W bliskim planie”: Michał Szpak talks candidly abou sexual orientation

W bliskim planie

Michał Szpak is going to appear as a guest on Alicja Resich-Modlińska’s show “W bliskim planie ” The show will air on Saturday 29.09.2018  at 11:10 on Polsat News.

Fragment of the interview 

In an interview with Alicja Resich-Modlińska, the young artist did not shy away from difficult and serious topics. – What is your sexual orientation now? – the journalist asked. – There is no definition for me here. Everyone can love whom they want, and it is only up to them – answered Michał Szpak. – I am single now but not lonely and that is very important – he added.

Asked if love had gender, he answered without thinking. – Absolutely not. Love is love.  It is a state of mind and energy which can’t be put in a box – he emphasized.

What else did Michał Szpak reveal on the show?

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