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This is how it began. A great passion and love for music was born in the Jasło House of Culture
Michał reflects on the beginning of his career in an interview with Interia.

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The coach of “The Voice of Poland” debuted on stage at the age of nine by performing at the House of Culture in Jasło during a pastoral contest. Michał Szpak remembers this moment with fondness and proudly emphasizes that he was able to win the prize.

Michał Szpak Michał Szpak was born in a family with musical traditions. His father sang in the choir, his mother sang and played the guitar, and his sister – Marlena is an opera singer. It was she who persuaded him to participate in the pastoral contest, where he won one of the main prizes.

“”If we’re talking about a general debut, not just a television one, it was a long time ago, but I remember it. It was when I was 9 years old and I debuted on the stage of my Culture Center in Jasło. I performed a religious song there. Those were good times, my older sister, who is currently active in Italy, took me there. Those were my first steps”, Michał Szpak, told Newseria agency.

Soon after, the vocalist started singing in a local choir. In junior high school, he had a 3-year break from performing due to his voice changing and returned to singing in high school. He became the vocalist of the hard rock band Whiplash, in which he performed with his friend Kamil Czapla. Even under the DeStar name in 2009, they won in our competition “Wyśpiewaj Wilki” with their own interpretation of the hit “Cień w Dolinie Mgieł”.

In the spring of 2011, he auditioned for the first season of TVN’s “X Factor” and reached the final of the show (losing only to Gieniek Loska) ). Now he is one of the most charismatic vocalists on the Polish music scene. He does not regret anything, he feels satisfaction from what he has managedto achieve so far and assures that there is still a lot of music in ahead of him.

At the beginning of September, the coach of “The Voice of Poland” released a new album “Dreamer” promoted with the singles “Don’t Poison Your Heart”, “King of the Season” and “Rainbow”.

The “Dreamer Tour” will start in mid-October”.

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