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On September 7, Michał Szpak’s new album “Dreamer” premiered. This is the successor of the album “Byle Byc Soba”, which met with a sensational reception, went Platinum and the song “Color of Your Life” received diamond certification. We managed to talk to Michał about his musical transformation with new material, his favorite songs from the album and participation on the “Voice of Poland”.

It’s been a few days since the release of your new album. How does it feel?

I am still happy, there is still stress, I haven’t seen all the feedback yet. Emotions will surely decline in some time, but not yet.

I think it can be said that it is your second comeback with new material. Which one was harder for you? The one from “Dreamer” or when you came back after publishing the EP and a few years break between “Byle Byc Soba”?

I put in the same amount of emotions and everything excites me very much. This can’t be compared. After a long break, I released the album “Byle Byc Soba”, which was my first LP, so I approached it with great uncertainty as to how it would be received, but it managed to win hearts. Here I am put in a different situation, because that album was successful and now I don’t know if people expect something similar, and I present them with something completely different.

Well, many people say that a second album is the most important in the artist’s career. Do you feel the same?

This is definitely an exceptional album that shows me in a completely different light. It shows a completely different side of my soul, a bit dark, but also a little romantic. I don’t want to make any conclusions as to whether this will be my best album, because there are still many releases in front of me, but it is definitely a special album for me and it is of great importance.

How different is Michał Szpak on the album “Dreamer” from the one that fans got to know from the “Byle Byc Soba” album”?

I think it differs significantly. This Michał Szpak is connected with musical styles with which he has not been associated before – even though he listens to such tunes on a daily basis, I don’t know if he would have dared to do anything like this before. You have to grow up to such music and I would not have been ready for it four years ago. Now I think I’m ready for it and I’m also credible. It is a romantic, dark tale of a dreamer who sometimes is subtle and sometimes edgy.

Why did you decide to record a CD in English?

The lyrics were written in English from the beginning and when we wanted to translate them into Polish, they lost their magic. We preferred to stay with English lyrics to keep the vibe of this album and not take away the magic and style.

Was the idea to try to get on international charts with this album?

This question probably needs to be directed to the label, but I know that the fans I have gained abroad have listened to the album and are very happy. This album could be a very nice surprise on foreign music markets and I think that every artist would like his album to not only exist in Poland.

What did the work on the new album look like? What were the criteria for selecting the team?

19 musicians were involved in the creation of the album, so it is a very large team. My band made a big contribution recording many tracks together with a string quartet who accompanies me during concerts. The rest was up to the producers who had an influence on who would play on this album. For sure it was a very intense time for me, because the vocal recordings took place during the “Classica Tour”.

Which was extended, because from what I remember the tour was initially going to be much shorter.

Yes, the tour was supposed to have only 5 concerts, and eventually it turned out to be 25. That’s why this album was actually recorded during this musical cycle, because if I was not in the studio, I was doing concerts.

The album was released in two versions, whose idea was it? And if you could explain to those who don’t know, how do they differ?

They differ in that the standard version has the basic content of the new album with new arrangements of two numbers: “Dreamer” and “Blue Moon” – moreover, “Blue Moon” is one of my favorites. The deluxe version includes all the basic songs plus concert versions of songs from the album “Byle Byc Soba” that were recorded during the “Classica Tour” and this is a specific recording from the Roma Theater. And they also differ with graphic design and cover. I think it was a common idea – we came to this together with the producers, management and the label that it would be nice to give a tribute with the special version to “Byle Byc Soba” album, because these concert versions are a bit different from the recordings on the album.

“Blue Moon” is your favorite in the original or house version? And does it mean that there will be a single?

In the original. A completely different song is planned for the single, although everyone is looking for their favorites on the album. I have three favorite numbers: “Blue Moon”, “Stronger” and “Let Me Dream”.

We can now watch you on The Voice of Poland. You’re the only one left from the previous season. This is certainly a great honor. How do you find working with the new line-up?

The new lineup is very, very nice. It certainly brings a completely different energy than the previous one. I miss the previous line-up, but it is also a great cooperation. Sometimes we rub each other up the wrong way, but obviously, we are fighting in good faith, because everyone wants to have the best voices on their team.

What kind of voice has the chance to win Michał Szpak’s heart?

I think a voice that has something electrifying and is charismatic.

Why exactly did you decide to participate in this show? Were you not afraid of criticism that “it is too early”?

I think that many people like to criticize, and I like to face the challenges that life throws at me. It was a situation that I dreamed about.

Exactly. I remember that a few years ago you said in an interview that you do not pay attention to criticism directed at your person. Do you stand by that?

I stay true to what I once said <laughing> .

Your pupil won the previous season. Do you keep in touch?

With Marta? Of course. We know that we don’t see each other for coffee because we don’t have the time, but sometimes we write to each other on Instagram. Today I heard her new song, so I will certainly make it available on Facebook. I congratulate her, and I am proud of her. We also see each other at festivals or concerts.

Thank you Michał for the interview and I hope that we will see you soon at one of your concerts.

Yes, certainly. You’re invited to the “Dreamer Tour”, it will be something extraordinary. We’ve been working on it for a long time … We thought of every detail. I can’t wait.

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