Michał Szpak in Empik - Warsaw 6.09.2018

“Those who do not have the courage to dream, will not have the strength to fight.”

This quote could be the theme of Michał Szpak’s new album “Dreamer” which was released a few days ago but it could also be the life motto of the artist himself. Dreams not only colour our lives, but they should also drive us to make these dreams come true, to fight for them. Because “We are such stuff as dreams are made on…” as Shakespeare wrote.

Such is Michał, an artist who is not afraid of challenges, is true to himself, consistently pursuing his musical visions. Unpopular to some, loved by others. He is certainly loved by his fans with whom he has a special relationship, which many see as a phenomenon.

The release of the vocalist’s new, second album was a long-awaited event. Released since Autumn last year new singles such as “Don’t Poison Your Heart” or in May this year “King of the Season”, was only a taste of what was to come, promising a great new album.

We had all been waiting impatiently for the premiere of “Dreamer”, especially since the next single to come promoting the new album – “Rainbow”, which appeared on September 3, made us fall in love with from the very first sound.

The upcoming premiere electrified the fans more and more. Two days prior, fans from various parts of Poland reported seeing banners, billboards and posters announcing the release of the new album. The tension was growing with each moment…

On September 6, at the Warsaw Empik store in Arkadia shopping complex, a pre-premiere meeting with Michał Szpak took place. Of course, the Artist’s most faithful fans could not miss it. Whoever could, did come to Warsaw. Although the premiere of the new album was to officially take place the next day, from early in the morning on our closed discussion group, the fans were enjoying their own CDs who they either just purchased or received by a courier. To many of us, the new songs have made our journey to Warsaw as pleasant one.

The EMPiK store in Warsaw was full of fans that day. Michał beaming with happiness, spoke about working on the record, about the album itself, but also spoke very beautifully about his OFC, that it is a legal entity as an Association, that together we create extraordinary things like charity initiatives for sick children for example, about his loyal fans and people who have always believed in him. He sincerely thanked all of them. With each of his words, we felt our hearts melt and were overcome with growing emotion. We looked at each other, knowing that we were creating something special together, a community of people who are attracted by love for this amazing man, travel hundreds of miles to not only meet and listen to him, but also meet other fans. Because during these journeys, we have made more than one friendship, and a special bond between us fans. The bystanders especially notice this, because it is not unusual for us to greet each other with hugs and kisses like the best of friends. When it is impossible for us to part after a concert or other event, because there is so much to talk about.

The “Dreamer” album itself immediately won our hearts. This is an excellent musical performance with great compositions, but the one who brought magic to them and raised them to a masterful level is Michał. He is the one who charms and seduces by his voice, showing once again that he can find himself in every musical genre. As the artist himself announced, we will hear him in a new, previously unknown way, and that is because apart from the rock sounds, we will also hear blues, jazz and house tracks.

The album met not only with a very good reception by fans, so much so that it almost sold out in two days, but also received many positive reviews.

There was a lot of noise about the premiere of Michal Szpak’s new album and all major news sites wrote about it.

Radio ZET:

Michał Szpak’s new album “Dreamer” was released on September 7. The long-awaited album, which involved as many as 19 musicians, was released in two completely different versions. The special edition of the album has been enriched with a new cover, a different graphic layout and additional live performances.
The album “Dreamer” has been promoted by singles “Rainbow”, “King of the Season” and “Don’t Poison Your Heart”, which is well known to Radio ZET listeners. For many weeks, the song was at the top of our charts. Read more: https://www.radiozet.pl/Muzyka/Michal-Szpak-nowa-plyta-Dreamer-premiera-7-wrzesnia


I know that saying that Michał Szpak has recorded a good album will not even register in the minds of many people in Poland. It is a pity that while reviewing music you have to point that out, but … this is the environment we live in. So: I couldn’t care less who Michal sleeps with. I do not care too much about whether his looks are described as effeminate or the sights coming from the audience. I listened to the album and at times I was very surprised. Positively surprised. Read more: http://www.dziennik.pl/amp/580943,michal-szpak-dreamer-recenzja.html


Michał Szpak’s “Dreamer” is diverse – from strong rock sounds to atmospheric ballads. Endowed with a strong, rock voice, Szpak sometimes surprises with a subtle vocal interpretation. An example of this can be the song “Let Me Dream”. “Dreamer” is an example of a musically mature album. Even though individual songs touch on different genres, the album is consistent, constituting a harmonious whole. Read more: https://kultura.onet.pl/muzyka/wiadomosci/michal-szpak-wraca-z-nowa-plyta-dreamer-juz-w-sprzedazy/h6mnepq


On Friday (7 September), Michał Szpak’s new album hit the stores. The coach of “The Voice of Poland” promoted the album “Dreamer” during a meeting with fans.

Read more: https://muzyka.interia.pl/wiadomosci/news-michal-szpak-zolta-premiera-nowej-plyty-dreamer,nId,2628009#utm_source=paste&utm_medium=paste&utm_campaign=chrome


MMichał Szpak “Dreamer”. Today is the premiere of the new album! Read more: https://www.rmf.fm/magazyn/news,18565,michal-szpak-dreamer-dzis-premiera-nowego-albumu.html


Michal Szpak waited with his completely new material, squeezing every drop of success from Eurovision’s “Color of Your Life”. Over time, he presented to the audience new pieces more and more boldly, effectively whetting our appetite. Firstly, he gave us the catchy “Don’t Poison Your Heart” to ease the pain. Later, he showed a new direction of his artistic growth in the sensual “King of the Season” and “Rainbow”. Both singles contain a certain mystery, which could not be found in “Byle Byc Soba”. Simple melodies from the debut album have been successfully replaced by deeper sounds, encouraging late night reflections with a glass of a good white, for example. Read more: https://eurowizja.org/recenzja-michal-szpak-dreamer/

All About Music:

The premiere of the vocalist’s second studio album will surely echo widely across the Polish music scene. The singles have already made us realize that it will have character and edge despite of being delicate in its message and faithful to the ideals from the previous album. A new chapter of the artist’s work opens with a strong rocky accent that began its journey on The Voice of Poland. Read more: http://allaboutmusic.pl/michal-szpak-dreamer-2018-recenzja-marty-musko/

Radio Zachód:

The new album by Michał Szpak titled “Dreamer” is diverse – from strong rock sounds to atmospheric ballads. The album sounds fresh and modern, at the same time referring to good musical traditions and this is an additional asset. Read more: http://www.zachod.pl/audycja/michal-szpak-dreamer/

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