In Empik, there is an announcement of the new album of Michał Szpak

In Empiku there is an announcement of the new album of Michał Szpak !!!

A new, second album, of Michał Szpak entitled “Dreamer” is going to be released on 7th September.

The first single announcing the new release is “Don’t Poison Your Heart”, a premiere of which was at the end of November last year. The song became a huge hit in a short period of time. It was very often on the top position on Radio Zet charts for almost two months and it also won the title ”Hit of the Year 2017” on a portal Interia. The second single promoting the album is “King of the Season” – the lyrics of the song is about vain, greedy people who turn out to be lonely losers when their “five minutes” are over. The next single is the title track of the album “Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends)”.

The new album of Michał Szpak is diverse – from strong rock sounds to romantic ballads. The album sounds fresh and modern, at the same time it refers to good musical traditions which is an additional asset. The artist himself, known for his strong rock voice, surprises us sometimes with a subtle vocal interpretation, for example in a song “Let Me Dream”. “Dreamer” is a very mature album musically, embellished with “live” sounds. Although individual songs vary stylistically, the album is coherent and constitutes a mature musical whole.

The previous album of Michał Szpak had s sensational reception, becoming Platinum and the song “Color Of Your Life” became a Diamond single. The creators and producers who are responsible for the success of the album “Byle Być Sobą” – Sławomir Sokołowski and Aldona Dąbrowska – have also created and produced the new album “Dreamer”. A total of 19 musicians took part in the recording of the album.

The album also appears in a special version with a completely new cover, a revised graphic design and additional songs in live version!

The tracklist:

1. Don’t Poison Your Heart    
2. King Of The Season    
3. Dreamer (Thanks To You My Friends)    
4. Rainbow    
5. Sweet Cherry    
6. Let Me Dream    
7. Stronger    
8. Way To The Stars    
9. Blue Moon    
10. Ostatni zakret (Concert Version)    
11. Real Hero (Concert Version)    
12. Byle byc sobą (Concert Version)    
13. Color Of Your Life (Concert Version)    
14. Upaść ale wstac (Concert Version)    
15. Rosanna (Concert Version)    
16. Together (Instrumental Version)


"Dreamer" Michał Szpaj

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