TVP2 summer tour - Wyszków 29.07.2018
 TVP2 Summer Tour – Zamość  29.07.2018. 

The “Lato, muzyka zabawa – wakacyjna trasa Dwójki” (Summer, music, fun – TVP2 holiday tour) concert attracted several thousand people with the Grand Market filled to the brim.

During the concert, the artists paid tribute to the late Kora Jackowska. 

Against the background of the whole galaxy of stars, our Artist shone the brightest, performing two songs “Color of Your Life” and “Don’t Poison Your Heart”. 


Click on the image. “Color Of Your Life”

Michał Szpak, Sarsa, Margaret, Ray Wilson, Patrycja Markowska, Natalia Szroeder, Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff, Gromee & Lucas Meijer, Leszcze, Rafał Brzozowski, Marta Gałuszewska and the band 4Dreamers performed on the Market Square’s big stage over a few days. 

The hosts of the concert were Izabella Krzan and Ida Nowakowska, with Mateusz Szymkowiak i Kamil Nosel from Radio ZET as the cohosts. Nowy Kurier Zamojski

Make up only for girls? Michał Szpak has just proved that men can also look interesting wearing make up!

Have a look at his new image! 

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