Kora and freedom – bravo Michał !

Kora and freedom

Kora and freedom.

On Saturday evening during the concert RMF Maxxx “Lat na Maxxxa” there was one special moment. That day the rock legend Kora Jackowska passed away. Michał decided to pay special tribute to the singer. He not only put a specially designed T-shirt on, with her image, but also said a few beautiful sentences about her. The words about freedom were especially important. The artist emphasised the significance of his words by singing the song “Don’t Poison Your Heart” and singing one important sentence of the song in Polish. Listen yourselves to the recording by Zielińska Becia. Michał, thank you for this important moment. Love of freedom is certainly something that connects you with Kora.

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“Szpak has decided to pay tribute to Kora, after she had passed away, and brought  several thousand of fans to tears.

On 28th July Michał performed during the RMF Maxxx concert in Wyszków. After singing one of his hits, he asked for a moment of silence and then, with a broken voice, confessed:

I would like to say thank you to Kora for this wonderful time she gave us while she was with us. She was a legend, she is a legend and will always remain a legend.

There is a gap of several decades between Kora and Michał, but they have a similar artistic sensitivity in common, a similar approach to music and lyrics that move the hearts of thousands of Polish people.

Kora died in the morning on 28th July in her home in Roztocze. The Star of Maanam lost her fight with an ovarian cancer she had been struggling with since five years. “JastrząbPost

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