It’s time to start the youth camp – Piecki 12-22.07.2018

A youth camp – Piecki 12-22.07.2018

If you are interested in what is happening there at the youth camp in Piecki, please keep on checking Instagram.

music_art_camp  and live updates

You can find more information about the camps with Michał Szpak on:

Michał Szpak is currently one of the most popular young artists in Poland. Taking part in a talent show opened the door to his career, he made use of the opportunity and turn it all into a real masterpiece. His records sell well, he performs almost every weekend, and he has recently gone on a tour to the United States. Fans adore him, so there is no wonder that they come from everywhere to his music camps.

On Michał’s InstaStory, you can observe what a day looks like at the campsite. They canoe, sing and develop their skills under the guidance of gifted Szpak.  JastrząbPost

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