Michał Szpak visiting children – a foundation “Dom w Łodzi” (Home in Łódź) – 15.06.2018

If it wasn’t thanks to the video, we would have thought that it was a dream… Michał Szpak and his guitarist Damian Kurasz sang for the children ”Jesteś Bohaterem”…

Thank you… this visit gave all of us a lot of energy. This was a special day and a  fabulous escape from the hospital reality… 


Click the photo. Fb Foundation “Dom w Łodzi”

Attention, attention!!!! On whose lap is Marcin sitting? ?????? Can you believe me ????  Michał Szpak has visited us today !!!!!! We are still humming … ‘’You are a hero for eveeeeer’’… Thank you, Michał and the guitarist Damian Kurasz and the whole team, big kisses for Uncle Piotr … because it’s all thanks to him.


Click the photo. Fb Foundation “Dom w Łodzi”

We like giving presents to our guests, to thank them for their time, thoughts and attention… In the morning, Asia has created a few wrist bands with colourful beads for Michał Szpak. The musician liked the yellow one the most  😀 

Click the photo. FB Foundation “Dom w Łodzi”


Michał Szpak z wizytą u dzieci "Dom w Łodzi"

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The meeting of the singer and the children was possible thanks to a persistence of one of volunteers, who constantly cooperates with the foundation, who continues to invite various celebrities to the venue. In this way, the foundation changes the reality of nine disabled and abandoned children, making their innermost and most impossible dreams come true.

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Michał odwiedził chore dzieci Fundacja Dom w Łodzi

Click the photo fb Foundation ”Dom w Łodzi”

The foundation ‘’Home in Łódź’’ has been operating since August 2006 and it is a public benefit organization.

It was created to help those who need help more than anyone else. We help children who are deprived, by the bad fate, of not only good health but also of love of their relatives. Our goal is to create home where they can feel close to each other and feel loved and where they can get a chance for a happy and healthy life.

So far, our most important initiative has been a creation of an orphanage for ill children who had been abandoned by their biological families. This house was created in June 2007.

This is the first and the only one place of this type in Poland.

The foundation  “Dom w Łodzi” ensures safety and upbringing for children suffering from chronic diseases, enables them to develop properly in a small, warm community, in a homely atmosphere.

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