There has not been a concert like this before. Michał Szpak will perform in Chicago for the first time.

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Michał Szpak’s concert will take place at the Copernicus Center, where he will perform with a band perform and the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra. Chicago Polonia will have the opportunity to hear the greatest hits of the artist in unusual rock – classic arrangements.

Barbara Bilszta extended the invitation to this one of a kind concert. The general director of the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra pointed out that Michał Szpak will perform in the United States for the first time. According to her, there is no doubt that the artist will capture the Chicago audience

Michał has landed safely in Chicago and after a short rest has given his first interviews.

MICHAŁ SZPAK in Radio 1030 Chicago


 One more radio interview after returning from Los Angeles – 27.04.2018

Michał in “Damski punkt widzenia” (Women’s Point of View) Polvision TV – 24.04.2018

It was to be expected. An amazing concert, wonderful audience. Michał charmed the listeners with his voice, charisma and of course, his look. Congratulations to Marlena, Michał, Groove Section and the organizers of this amazing event !!!
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Thanks to live coverage by Edyta Sokolowski całość the entire concert can be watched  here

Thanks to the kindness of the Music Academy ”Akademia Muzyki PASSO – Barbara Bilszta Niewrzol” a foundation ”You Can Be My Angel” collected ]
,615.00 during the concert of Michał Szpak – the money will go to a treatment of young Szymon, who has a cancer ! Thank you to all donors for their good heart and the organizers for their constant support, to Copernicus Center for the nice welcome and to the volunteers for their time. IT IS YOU WHO ARE THE ANGELS !!!!

Fotorelacja, fp Michała Szpaka

Review by Dziennik Związkowy  Polish Daily News and a beautiful photo gallery. We hope for more such  such reviews.

Michał Szpak’s concert, which took place on April 28 at the Copernicus Center, was exceptional. All the fans who arrived from, amongst others, New York and Michigan and everyone who was tempted by the presence in the Windy City of the hottest name on the Polish music scene, soon found out for themselves how exceptional it was. Czytaj więcej …


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