Classica Tour – Michał Szpak concert in Toruń – 17.02.2018

This year’s Valentine’s Day resonated in Toruń with the voice of Michał Szpak. On stage, as a guest of honor, he was accompanied by his sister, Marlena Szpak, adding an operatic charm to the event.
The concert was divided into two stages. The first was very artistic, during which Michał did not speak to the audience allowing the music doing all the talking. The band played at the opening of the concert and Marlena’s operatic voice could be heard from backstage. After the subdued introduction it was time to change the mood. Michał Szpak performed “Dziwny Jest Ten Świat” which made him famous in 2011 on the X-Factor. The next song the artist performed was “Color of Your Life” which he sang in 2016 at the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience lit up with mobile phones and paper love hearts, which were distributed before the concert. Already, the first minutes of the concert gave the artist an opportunity to showcase his amazing vocals with distinctive huskiness and daring ability to sing in particularly demanding high notes. Marlena Szpak, the artist’s sister, may have surprised the Toruń audience by her performances. She showcased her talent by performing opera. The highlight of the concert was the siblings’ performance of “E piu ti penso”. It was because of that, the Toruń audience could see Michał’s new, extraordinary side. Such a delicate although difficult song was something unexpected from an artist know by his controversial look. The singer, however, proved his versatility by his amazing duet with his sister. The siblings also performed “Bo Życie Takie Jest” which concluded the first part of Michał’s concert in Toruń.
The second stage of the concert was more casual. Michał finally greeted the audience in Toruń. He expressed his joy that he could visit the ‘City of Gingerbread’ on such a special day – the feast of lovers. He spoke about his Classica Tour. The artist performed two songs from his “Byle Być Sobą” platinum album. The title song and “Rosanna” who he dedicated to all women gathered that evening at the hall of the Cultural and Congress Center Jordanki. At the end, the artist performed, prepared for the evening, “Płonie stodoła”. The Classic Sisters quartet, who are accompanying the artist on the concert tour, were responsible for the arrangement.
At the end, the audience thanked Michał and Marlena Szpak together with the musicians with a standing ovation, followed by long applause and calls for the artists to come back on stage who gave an encore performance of E piu ti penso”. Following the concert, Michał Szpak’s poor health prevented him from meeting the audience but the fans were able to get autographs from his sister, Marlena. Continue to the article.

Adrianna Tokarska 

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