The ”before” and ”after” – 12.06.2017

On Monday, 12th  June, the fans of Michał Szpak met in a pub Złoty Król in Wilanów in Warsaw. There was a fan gathering before the concert ‘’beforek’’ and also a traditional ‘’afterek’’ , after the concert. This time, there were also fans from abroad with us. There were fans  from Hungary, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Belgium, England and Brazil. There were many of us, it was loud, it was crowded and stuffy! And it was wonderful  🙂 It was all as in a  loving and a very large family. Greetings and hugs were endless. Many fans, who had previously known one another only via Facebook, could finally meet in ‘’reality’’. The expression of the faces of some people – priceless 🙂  😛

We would like to say ”thank you” to the team of the pub Złoty Król for a tasty dinner and a nice welcome 🙂

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