11 May 2017

Polsat SuperHit Festival – the press conference – 11.05.2017

You can see today's press conference on the fb  website of Polsat SuperHit Festival. Michał from 27:25, it is worth listening to it.  :-) https://www.facebook.com/PolsatSuperHitFestiwal/videos/770177366488416/?fref=mentions An interview with our Artist  :-) https://www.ipla.tv/wideo/rozrywka/Polsat-SuperHit-Festiwal/5004781/2017/5010711/Konferencja-Polsat-SuperHit-Festiwal-2017-Michal-Szpak/ea7fae3526773b4b214a8b9195f7ebf3 This is the way Michał looked like during...
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