IV Official Meeting of Michał Szpak’s Fans “Grzejemy się w blasku platyny”, Warsaw, “Luna” Cinema, 7th January 2017 – 07.01.2017

Dear All,

We would like to thank you for the beautiful and joyful time spent at the meeting of fans of Michał Szpak. Each participant left a part of their heart there and you could feel it in every minute of this magical day. We hope that this day will remain an  unforgettable one for you, and that we will see you next year, in a larger group.

We would like to say’’ thank you’’ to the Fans, who actively participated in the preparations immediately before the event and assisted after its completion. You are a reliable team that we can always count on.

Thank you also to:

* Michał – for being an extraordinary and an inspiring Artist, without whom this event would not have taken place, as well as for the exceptional recital and the time spent with the fans at the meeting; Michał Szpak
* Paulina Biernat – 
for being the nicest speaker ever , in charge of the meeting; Paulina Biernat
* Adrian Adamski and Damian Kuras – 
for taking part in the recital; Adrian Adamski Damian Kurasz
* Bogdan Sopel and Visual Studio – 
for the technical support; Bogdan Sopel
* Marek Miller – 
for the acoustics; Marek Miller
* Karolina Paterska – 
for the delicious cake; Karolina Mamunia Neluni Paterska
* Bartłomiej Żurek – 
for filming the meeting; Bartłomiej Żurek
* Justyna Cześnikowska –
for your help with creating the birthday movie from Fans; Justyna Cześnikowska
The Oldruk Printing House in Olsztyn – for help with the event: printing posters, canvases, wristbands, badges etc; Drukarnia internetowa OLdruk
* Kino Luna Warsaw – 
for letting the room and the assistance with the meeting; Kino Luna
*Zuzanna Opyrchał – 
for painting the logo;
* Jolanta Rutkowska –
for giving Ms Grażyna a lift after the meeting; Jolanta Rutkowska
* Tomasz Kępka – the body guard – for looking after Michał  😀

It  would not be possible to organise this unforgettable event without you. Thank you! <3

A photo – report of the ‘’Color of Your Life’’ Summer tour 🙂 

The warm, touching, full of humour and interesting information interview with Paulina Biernat. 🙂

Let’s experience this one more time! An emotional recital with an amazing audience! <3

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