There are over 5000 members in our discussion group ! Let’s celebrate ! – 22.10.2016

Dear All, the entire OFC of Michał Szpak is celebrating! 🙂

There are already five thousand members in our discussion group. This is a spectacular success.

Since the unforgettable concert in Torwar we have gained two thousand new fans in the group.

Every one of you has a part in it. Your commitment and work for our Artist inspire others.

Thank you and let’s keep on working, we are stronger now.

And we have a small surprise for the five-thousandth member of the group 🙂  😀 
We are inviting everyone to join our group
and please like our page of The Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak, we have almost 12000 ”likes” over there 😀

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Oficjalny Fan Club Michała Szpaka | 2011 - 2018 - Wszystkie Prawa Zastrzeżone