We like such comments – 05.05.2016

We like such opinions 🙂

“Karolina Korwin Piotrowska is not a fan of Eurovision. And what does she think about Michał Szpak?”

That boy, when he started, he was so accurate. This is what I like when people start, because often, after winning a show, or when fate gives them happiness, they have it all in their ass: “I am now a super hyper star”. He could have gone crazy, because the interest in him was huge, a bit on a “baba-wonder” principle, but there was. He could have said, “And I am Michał Szpak, from The X-Factor and you go to hell”. But he just took care of every detail. Not only his appearance, hair and nails, but the way it would all look like on the stage, the way it would all be framed. This is professionalism


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