A metamorphosis of the year or a stylization catastrophe? – 04.04.2016

When there were photos of Szpak circulating there, on the Internet, on the last day of March, showing the singer with alarmingly short hair, the fans held their breath. Did he cut it ?! Or he did not cut it? Is it a stylistic disaster before the Eurovision? Reacting to the shocking news, the portals were on fire zaczynały się gorączkować, some of them started saying ‘’goodbye’’ to Michał’s former image in a funeral tone w tonie żałobnym. Fans, those strong ones, were able to  see the whole metamorphosis in Pytaniu Na Śniadanie.

Let’s just add that it was the Fools’ Day edition …  😀

Eventually, the Artist confirmed for Plejadythat the rumour was not true. On the same portal, you can see dłuższy fragment rozmowy, what the real image preparations for the trip to Stockholm looked like.

A co-organizer of the joke is a famous hair stylist, Jaga Hupało. What’s more, they still cooperate, współpraca nadal trwa, however Michał’s curls are going to stay untouched.  🙂



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