“I was, I am. I will be!” – 02.04.2016

… this is a promise made by Michał to all sceptical people,  in an interview for TopStudio, an addition to TopGuitar (No. 1/2016). It is a conversation with a large number of substantive questions mainly about the process of recording a new album ” Byle Być Sobą”. They are questions about the creative aspects, the vocal and technical issues. So it’s quite a treat, especially,  if you are fascinated by such behind-the-scenes nuances of music or if you  just want to read about something more than the artist’s inspiration and image (though, let’s be honest,  the topic of the image starts the whole interview – in what context, see for yourself 😉 ). (to display the readable version of the interview, click on the image, then right-click on ‘’the scan’’ and ”show the picture”

You can find another large report in gazeta.pl

“It turns out that, wherever Szpak appears, he always brings the house down”

… the title says everything  🙂 Enjoy reading!

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