It’s definite! – 17.02.2016

There was, probably, no one who had any doubts?  🙂 However, it’s nice to be able to announce it officially:

Michał Szpak in Polish Pre-selections for Eurovision 2016!

The list of the candidates was revealed by w programie TVP1 “Świat Się Kręci”, yesterday. Let us add, that the song “Color Of Your Life”, submitted by the vocalist, clearly drew the attention of the jurors, as Robert Janowski mentioned. The portal  described Michał as “pewniak” (the certain one), they also organised a poll where you can vote for your favourite candidate  🙂 In an interview for wywiadzie dla  Szpak did not hide that he believed that his song was a good one – by the way, the song was created for the Eurovision. The popularity of this song has also been noticed by  Radio Zet:

The vocalist presented his proposal song for the Eurovision at the end of December 2015. He gains more and more recognition among the Internet users. There is an opinion that this song is brilliant and fits perfectly well into the atmosphere of the contest.

Will this song become the key to Michał’s success? Also Interia (where you can also vote in a poll) says:

Many think that it is Michał Szpak who presented the song that is the most suitable one for the Eurovision. On the other hand, some Internet users referred to his eccentric past and believe that this is the key to the success.

 In one of the latest interviews najnowszych wywiadów , the artist, once again, emphasizes that “he does not want to be only a musical character” and has no intention to take this pleasure away from himself  🙂 If this is going to be his additional asset in the context of the Eurovision, we will see on 5th March during the pre-selections. We would like to remind you that the Polish representative will be chosen by the public!




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