Szpak in a big city – 02.11.2015

In Onet,muzycznym serwisie Onetu you can see a photo – session that was done in order to promote a new, upcoming, album of Michał. The photos were taken by Zosia Zija and Jacek Pióro. You can also see them in Fakt, in an article mentioning the metamorphosis of the Vocalist.

Monochromatic shades of the photographs seem to harmonize with a more mature, less vivid image of Szpak and the metropolitan atmosphere of Warsaw captured in the background. Find out yourself what Michał looks like now, his latest ‘’image’’.

It is also worth to mention that the video for the single ” Byle być sobą ” exceeded 500,000 views in less than a week (between October 23 and 28). Congratulations Michał and all of those who were working on the song and the video!  🙂 This impressive result was noticed by Bravo and  Eska Rock, that summarized, in five points, what makes the clip attractive (well, nobody has to convince us! 😉 ). Interia mentioned a presence of Michał’s sister Ewa on the set, Interia.


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