A catwalk adventure – 14.05.2015

Known for his weakness for fashion, the vocalist will soon have the opportunity to take over the catwalk wearing clothes prepared especially for him by a young designer. We are talking about the final of the “Project Runway” program, in which Szpak will appear as a model with two other stars of a characteristic, androgynous image – Madox and Mateusz Maga. Each of the gentlemen has their own style, of course,  and you can actually doubt whether you can call Szpak: androgynous. Nevertheless, the media like to generalize, and the producers from TVN went for the controversy, as you can see in the trailer of  the program zwiastun programu.

It will certainly not prevent Michał from doing what – besides singing – he can do the best, that is having great fun  🙂 And there are going to be two parts of the fun  because the final of “Project Runway” is divided into two episodes. Be sure to be free on both Wednesdays in the evening.


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