“Opole is going to be on fire from hell” – 09.05.2015

150 nadesłanych propozycji, z czego zaledwie 10 utworów zakwalifikowanych do koncertu SuperPremier -150 proposals received and only 10 out of them are in the final of ‘’Super Premiery’ – this is what the selection of songs for the National Festival of Polish Songs looks like. It’s a great prestige to be in the top 10, and the next stage of the competition is to gain the recognition from the audience. On Saturday, 13th June, in the Opole Amphitheater, Michał Szpak will fight with his song ” Jesteś bohaterem “!  🙂 He is going to sing among the best ones, because  we will hear stars like: Maryla Rodowicz, Natalia Kukulska and IRA. As Michał announced:


It can not be more hot than that, this time Opole is going to be on fire from hell

(…) probably many of you wondered who Johnny was …

It turns out that everything will be resolved during 52nd edition of  Opole Festival in the competition ‘’Super Premiery’’! 😀 

(…) I will add that this time, I will sing the song in Polish because someone has to be the “Hero” after all


We keep our fingers crossed with all our strenght, for the preparations for the performance and for the final effect!  😀


You will probably want to hear Michał live during the Festival. The ticket are not on sale yet, but the experience of recent years shows that getting them is usually very difficult. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to arrange a certain number of tickets (PAYMENT REQUIRED) especially for you. Therefore, we ask people who decide to come to Opole to contact us as soon as possible via our Facebook page (Ofic Michał Szpak).

Attention: there is limited number of tickets so it’s going to be ”first come first served”


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