Ah, that day in color of Szpak, ah, Michał… :)

Every fan meeting is an exchange of best energy between Michał and Fans, so it is not surprising that we can not wait for it. This year, the vocalist announced a live concert with a participation of another Bird – friend 😉




I would like to inform you that during the fan meeting this year, on 17th  January, there will be a short recital of two Birds, I would like to take you for a few moments to the world where LOVE, HAPPINESS, PASSION AND FRIENDSHIP rule 🙂

See you later  🙂 

This time – due to a change of the date of the event – we had the opportunity to start the New Year in a Szpak – way, instead of finishing it in a Szpak – way, as it had been before. Michał, however, made it worth to wait until January  🙂 He fulfilled his musical promise, providing us with a lot of happiness and great emotions. The performance would not be the same, of course, without Kamil Czapla and Karol Dyląg, who accompanied the vocalist on the stage of the Funky Gallery. We would like to thank the three men,  on behalf of all the fans, for this time together, for the joy of music and the meeting 😀


During the performance, prepared especially for fans who came to the meeting in  Warsaw, Szpak went back to the most important tracks of his musical journey, so far. We invite you to watch the recordings, the list of songs is as follows:

00:00 Rewolucja
04:08 Czasochłonność
08:02 Carpe Diem
10:18 Jaskółka
14:54 Czas nas uczy pogody
16:35 Po niebo
21:25 Say Something

Although the videos do not fully reflect the atmosphere of the event, we have a short video-report for all those who would like to take a look at what was happening during the meeting. Here you are: ‘Zlotowa Minutka’ (a Zlot Minute)  🙂


And here, there are a few moments caught during the recital by our camera…


Thank you all for coming to the Funky Gallery! Thank you for being able to overcome, often long distances to join us, for the smile and faith you share with Michał and other fans and for the atmosphere you create at such meetings 🙂 We also invite you to our album on our OFC facebook page naszego albumu na facebookowym fanpage’u OFC   – we tried to take a photo of everyone, so there is a good chance that you will find your faces there  🙂

News_Ach ten Michal_02

And for a dessert, “Say Something” from Saturday, which the boys had to repeat because of the request of fans. There were tears in the eyes of many of  fans during this performance …



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