On the Bethlehem night – 24.12.2014

We wish Michał and all Fans great Christmas days  🙂 Days with a fragrant of love, shining with hope, full of singing and carefree. Days with a moment of reflection, madness and, above all, many friendly meetings. Referring to the pastoral sung by Michał in Zielona Góra:

Let’s pray on the Bethlehem Night

A night of a happy event,

Let everything get untangled

Knots, conflicts, complications.


May all difficult matters

Get untwisted as knots,

May our own ambitions and prejudices

Make us laugh like puppets.


And may the malicious witches inside us

Turn themselves into sheep,

And may  wise tears appear in our  eyes

As colourful as the candles on a Christmas tree.


News_W Noc Betlejemska_02


And before we all go to celebrate the end of the Old Year, we also want to wish Michał and you a fresh and mysterious  New Year. May 2015 be creative and fertile. Let it bring positive changes, exciting challenges, fantastic opportunities! With music and for music  🙂

And we wish you Szpak –  music!

News_W Noc Betlejemska_03


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